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The Sum Total: The Search for Levi Clay (1843-1917) and Jesse James (1847-1882)

The Sum Total: The Search for Levi Clay (1843-1917) and Jesse James (1847-1882)

Rebel from Back Creek: James Byron Dean (1931-1955)

Rebel from Back Creek: James Byron Dean (1931-1955)

Chasing the Wild Bunch: One Woman's Journey

Chasing the Wild Bunch: One Woman’s Journey

Barbara Inman Beall, Ph.D. was born and raised in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. She graduated from Mount Mercy College with a B.A. in English (Magna Cum Laude), The University of Colorado at Denver with an M.S. in Technical Communications, and Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a Ph.D. in English with Emphasis and in Rhetoric and Linguistics. She taught college composition classes for twenty years and retired in 2009. Since then, she has devoted her time to writing and research with a focus on genealogical writing and research. The results are depicted on this site as well as in the three books she has written and published. More information on those books and their availability are available at her website: Books by Beall

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  1. Barbara – I am also a descendant of Ezekiel John Inman and Henrietta Hardin. Benjamin Elisha Inman is my 4th Great Grandfather. Their son, John Inman (married Charity Moser). John and Charity’s son, again named John is my 2nd Great Grandfather (married Sarah Sally Chesnut). Their daughter, Mary Ann “Polly” is my Great Grandmother. SO, it was particularly interesting to read your discoveries which seem very well researched. I am on ancestry. com as klbklbklb and have taken the DNA tests there. I was led down the Robert Inman (1653-1701) path as well and my chart on ancestry currently reflects that. Having now read your research I am going to go back and change things. Thank you for making the story so interesting. I have some work to do. I can’t thank you enough for your research. May I use some of your narratives in my ancestry.com stories about these ancestors, giving you credit of course?

    • So happy to hear from you. I received several DNA matches for Henry Inman, and Ezekiel John Inman, etc. I could never get a match with Robert and after checking him out to no avail on Gedmatch.com, I decided to look elsewhere. And I think I’m finally satisfied I found the right direction. Please use my narratives on ancestry. One thing about doing articles over doing a book is that it is so easy to make updates and corrections on the articles. Once in book format, it’s there and that’s it (unless the book is revised.) I may eventually combine the Spence series into a book–but that is still in the “thought process.”

  2. Hi 🙂 My name is Jennifer (Cooper) Johnson. I found your wonderful tree while trying to fill in my own. I believe your great-aunt Nettie May Spence is my great-grandmother, married to James Cooper. You have his son/my grandfather William Dale Cooper on your tree, but if you would like any more information about that branch down, I’d be happy to share what I know 🙂

    • Nettie May Spence was my grandfather’s sister. I remember James and Nettie May Spence Cooper because I saw them when I was growing up in Iowa. They would come up from Missouri to visit my grandparents. We went to their place in Pittsburg, Kansas when I was about six or seven years old. I know I had just finished first grade. I would be happy to receive additional information on that line. My mom corresponded with a number of Dale’s siblings over the years. When I was in high school, we went to Steamboat Springs, Colorado to visit Dale and his family. Then they moved to New Mexico, I believe.

  3. This was fantastic… I also run a Spence Blood line…My great great Grandfather was Ballard Franklin Spence, his son Herman, married my great Grandmother Rosalie Keith Spence… After some further tracking back I have found Daniel Spence was married to Margaret Ann Pennington. Daniels father was Robert Spence jr and his mother Lovey Temple Sexton. Roberts father was Robert Spence who was married to Lucy Upton and Robert the 1st father was James… this made me super happy. I cannt fill in the gap of where Ballard Spencer REALLY comes from there seems to be gaps or his name thrown in places w little explaination… I am on my own Spence war path hahaaha. Thank you for the amazing read!

  4. So happy to have found your site! I began my genealogy journey about a year ago. I, like your husband, am a descendent of Alexander Beall. I grew up in Ohio and moved to Rockville, MD suburbs in the 1980’s and then to Northern VA in the 90’s It has been quite a pleasant surprise to find so much of my family’s history right here in my backyard! (I found and visited a Beall cemetery that is literally blocks away from my old home in Rockville!) I am very much looking forward to reading all your posts and comparing our information.

  5. I have enjoyed reading your site. I am Terry G. Spence and related to the Spence’s from MD before they moved to NC. We have same 10th gg grandfather David Spence Sr born Apr 5 1639. David’s brother Patrick 1633 has dau(Ellinor) that married Andrew Monroe the grandfather of Pres James Monroe. FYI

  6. Hello Dr. Beal. I am descended from James Dashiel (deChiel), and Margaret Inglis. My Brother and Mother are avid Genealogists, and he just contacted me about how excited he was to see the connection that your Ann and our Margaret were twin sisters. We had hit a wall in researching Margaret, and admittedly her James. We are from their son James that came to Eastern Shore MD. I am the travel historian. I go to France, etc, actually walking in the food steps of my ancestors. Your BLOG is fascinating. We are cousins! It is good to connect. I now live in Northern California after 30 years in Hawaii. I will be applying to the French SF Consulate in about 9 months to hopefully attain a one year Research Visa to return to the area where James Sr’s fathers immigrated to Scotland from. I am working on a Teen focused Novel telling stories from the the female perspective of our nations founding families. Settling and establishing communities was extremely difficult, imagine it from the womans view of 14 to 16 children, no refrigeration, and inadequate housing, etc. While the husband “long hunters” are out for months on end, hunting, etc. Its very nice to connect with you, if only via electronics.

    • So wonderful to hear from you. I was working on the Spence line during our son’s battle with cancer. He passed away in March of this year. As a result, I’ve been away from genealogy. Plan to get back to it the first of the year. In 1998, my husband and I drove the area where Despence was located on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. I remember how thrilled I was to visit the location. That seems like a lifetime ago.

  7. As a child of seven, I rode a horse to school and tethered it to the Colorado Cottonwood near the school. I would like very much to get the name of the school district the school was in. I am 89, coming up on 90, and writing a novel of my younger years in Colorado and the U.S. Navy. I think the name of the district was either Edenvale or Adenvale. Could someone please enlighten me. The school I attended had one teacher with grades 1 through 12 in the same room. Our plumbing was an old outhouse in back of the school. I would welcome any information that could be E-mailed to me.
    Thank you. Chet Henry

  8. I came across your blog while researching Joel “Jack” Pewitt, Sr.. I am related to him through his son, Joel, grandson, Malachi, and great-granddaughter, Martha Caroline. I thought I would share something about her, as you didn’t have anything on her. She was born on November 26, 1859 in Missouri. She married Samuel A. Summers, who was born in 1856 in Missouri. There was a large family of Summers’ in Dent Count, Missouri and even a town named after them: Summersville. They had 8 children : Lydia, Julius, Lillie E., Grover E., Bertha, Anvil, and Robert L., who was my grandfather. The family moved to Lincoln County, Oklahoma about 1899. Caroline died on January 22, 1901, shortly after giving birth to Martha Ellen, who also died. She is buried in Foresst Cemetery, Meeker, Lincoln County, Oklahoma.

  9. Hello! My husband is also a direct descendant of Richard Beall through his mom. He was born and raised in NE Iowa/SW Wisconsin until we moved to the DC area 14 years ago. It was only then that we discovered we had essentially moved “home”! He and I are now commissioners for the Clan Bell organization, mainly involved with genealogy, and would love to talk with you about your research.

    • Dr. Beale, I’m Dr. Amanda Petersen. Meshach Inman was my 6th great grandfather and my line is through his son Samuel Ezekiel. My great grandmother, Mary Etta Inman, is the daughter of Thomas Boling Inman. I dabble in genealogy when I have time between research and teaching.

  10. I have enjoyed reading your research about the Bealls. I am related to Samuel Magruder (1661-1711), through his daughter Verlinda Magruder and have tried to figure out Samuel’s wife’s relationship to Ninian Beall. What do you think of the following argument, which I’m sure you are familiar with:

    “Another strike against the theory that she was a BEALL, is that there is evidence, Ninian BEALL’s son Ninian BEALL, Jr. married Elizabeth MAGRUDER, daughter of Samuel MAGRUDER and Sarah. Were Sarah a daughter of Ninian Sr., that would make Ninian Jr. her brother, and Ninian Jr.’s wife Elizabeth MAGRUDER would have been his niece by blood. A marriage of that close a degree was strictly forbidden then as now.”

    Thanks very much.

    Rebecca Harmon

  11. I am writing this in reference to my great-grandfather William Thompson and his brother Christopher around 1685. I am trying to identify the name of the ship, port they left from and the port where they arrived. My records just say that they were transported by Col. Ninian Beall. Hoping you might have some information on what I am looking for. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Best Wishes,
    Thomas B. Thompson
    Phone # 812-767-0981

  12. I am new to this process. My DNA is a strong match with General Frederick Beall, married to Martha Peyton Beall. I have begun only working with grandparents. Verlinda Magruder..Samuel Beall and a Brooke’s line. I would be happy to pay someone to help me as you can imagine as a beginner this is overwhelming. The more I present to my family members the more I am getting looks of non belief. ( any doubt in myself) I would love to go to Scotland if anyone has a same like journey in mind.
    I hope to hear from someone in the family.
    Thank you,
    Vicky Rollins

  13. I forgot to mention I am a Texan. There is a Beall cemetery here. I have spoken with a few of the remaining family that confirms the connection. Josiah Beall married to Nancy Ann Tatum Dent. The Dents and Brooke’s. I believe a cousin here was married to President Grant .( Julia Dent. )
    The journey of NINAN Beall is admirable. It is Important to me for my information to be correct. On my own I have found mistakes, wrong dates, and information ancestry has that I find incorrect.
    I would appreciate your feed back to get back on track. Thank you, Vicky 901-590-8413 cell

  14. Thank You Good report on the GRAYs .One correction needed Daniel Gray’s My GGG Grandfather First Born Son is Thomas Gray 1811-1865 you left out ..but you have all the rest of Family correctly.

    I have a question for you.. How did you come to the conclusion Deliverance Gray was the son of Anthony Gray??? Did you find a Document saying so? if so Can you site it for me that I may find it. and add to my Files..

    I am Not doubting you..in Fact This year I had a DNA Match that led to Anthony Gray

  15. Hey Dr Beall, Absolutely enthralled with your “Beall” research.
    My 5th Grandfather was Andrew Jackson Beall, b. 6 Mar 1825, d 12 Mar 1898. We still reside in the Gumpond MS community where he is buried. We Gumpond Bealls believe that Rezin Beall b. 29 Apr 1793, d. 17 June 1843. was his father but beyond that we have nothing.
    Anyway, It would be interesting to see if we shared common ancestor to your husbands line.
    Howard F. (Buster)Beall

    • I have a grandmother. Mittie Beall Rutherford from Ms. you might check that against your family. She married a RUTHERFORD.

  16. Hello, I was doing some “googling” and put in my great-grandfathers name and found this site. Minerel Millinder Spence, known as Minnie to my daddy Herbert Funk (Grandpa Minnie and Grandma Lillies grandson). Minnie was the father of Essie Mae Spence, Roy, Neal, Bertig and some others. Would love more info on this. Thank you for all the info.
    Great granddaughter of Minerel Millinder Spence, Kelly

  17. I recently ran across your tree on Ancestry, then later googled Harvey Byron Spence, who is my 3X Great-grandfather, and found this site. I started a closed Facebook group for his descendants in order to share old photos, stories and memories. It’s fairly new, so there are only a handful of members. Other groups I created for different branches have 150+ members, so I suspect this one will be as successful eventually. This branch of my family is the one I know the least about, so reading your blog motivated me. Thank you for the hard work you’ve done on researching the Spence Family.

  18. I am descendant of the Wroughton/Roden family you have written about in one of your books. Rebecca Roden Ruff was daughter of Joshua Emory Roden and Frances “Frankie” Franks. She is my gggrandmother and was born in Louisiana. I have some confusion on Joshua’s parents. There seems to be 2 Joshua Rodens I have found in research. I think my Joshua’s father was Levi Roden. Another one of those first names that have been used by another Roden. 🙂
    Thank you for your information on the Roden family.

  19. Have followed links from my grandmother’s DIGANCE family, her ancestor married Thomas COLLINS in Aldingbourne. Sussex, UK in 1765 (his first wife, they had two daughters: Phillis and Mary). Thomas’s father John COLLINS, seems to have been in Barbados, with links to the PARROTT / PERRETT family. Research by ??Frances CULLOM HARPER states (at Genealogy.com) that John COLLINS was the brother of Elizabeth? SPENCER (nee PARROTT), her excellent work possibly founded (vice versa) on your own researches??

    I have enjoyed much of your blogged genealogy here. But, I am suppressing an increasing curiousity to find (precisely?) how John COLLINS is related (blood / otherwise) to the PARROTT family. Was this a family you researched previously?

    Noting your absence from this site recently, I trust that you are well and still researching!

    With best wishes from Surrey in England, UK,
    Tony LEE-MAGEE (free22paint@yahoo.com).

  20. Thomas Beal (1740 ish -1820 in Chatham County North Carolina
    Thomas Beal is by 5x greatgrandfather . He was born maybe in North Carolina. Everyone has his parents as John Beal and Verlinda Magruder. The fact that he is not mentioned in either of their wills leads me to believe that he is not. He would of been a young child when they died. Has anyone ever come across him in reference to John and Verlinda

  21. Good afternoon! I found your page after doing a search for “Londokie Spence” – it’s such an unusual name! I am a descendant of William Spence (1837-?) m. Susan M Steele. I wanted to let you know of some misinformation that you have regarding William Spence. His death date is not 1900, as listed. I found him in the 1910 and 1920 census records living with his son, George A, in Salem, Dunklin, Missouri. I am currently in search of more records regarding these two ancestors (Wm and Susan), but wanted to let you know of the mistake. Thank you for all of the information that you posted. It was very helpful!

    • I will update my information. I did this research about four or five years ago and moved on to other lines after that. I’ve been away from genealogy the past few years. Our son passed away from cancer two and a half years ago. And my husband has had a series of medical things ranging from a pacemaker, a stroke and now an aneurysm. He will have his surgery next month. Hopefully, life will return to normal after that.

  22. Dr Beall thank you for your research into Sarah Bell (Beall) (1659-) and theory that she was the daughter of Ninian Beall and Elizabeth Gordon. Based on my research, I am related to Ninian Beall through Samuel Owings who was married to Rachel Beall (1662-1729). Various sources list Rachel as the daughter of Ninian Beall and Ruth Polly Moore, but for the same reasons you listed, this is not possible for two reasons: 1) Ruth More (1648/1652) was only a child of 10 or 12 when Rachel Beall was born in 1662, and 2) Ninian was still married to Elizabeth Gordon, who had Sarah in 1659.

    Some sources list Rachel as the daughter of Hugh Robert; which is improbable for a list of reasons, including her DOB of 1662.

    Several sources list Ruth Polly Moore as the “mother” of Rachel, but given that Rachel would have been only 5 years old when her natural mother Elizabeth died,, and Ninan married Ruth within the year, Ruth would have naturally assumed that role and title for the child Rachel.

    Question: Have you found any evidence Elizabeth Gordon came to America with her husband Ninian Beall after he completed his servitude about 1656, and later returned to Scotland where she died in 1667?

    • My understanding is that Elizabeth died and the daughter went to live with other people. She was still with those people when Ninian came to America. I found a record where Sarah was transported to America after Ninian settled in Maryland. I haven’t looked at that material in a long time, but I reference her transporation in the article.

      • Sarah Watts is the mother of Francis Warman
        Look at new material confirmed at findagrave.com

  23. Hello, I am interested in your postings about William Edward Spence and his life and association with my family of Leakes and Spences of Tennessee. There are so many similarities in the names and locations in which they were documented and yet many disconnects with the ancestry. My first immigrant ancestor who would be close in age to William was Thomas Spence (Scottish) immigrated through New Jersey he was born about 1732 married Sarah Harriman of Morristown New Jersey. Thomas had a son William b: abt 1770 who married Hannah Morris 24 Dec 1792 Surry Co., North Carolina. He also had sons David b: 1758, James, John and Peter. The association of my Spence and Leake family (Tennessee) with your Spence Leake family of Pasquotank, North Carolina comes from a Census of Caswell 1786 wherein Joseph Spence, Isaac Spence, James Spence and David Spence with Thomas Leake Joel Leake Jeremiah Leake and John Leake show up together.
    Based on all of the information you have stated and Census records these people show up in Pasquotank, North Carolina. You have stated a John Leak who married an ancestor died in 1790 but I think he is documented in the census’ of Rockingham North Carolina in 1790 & 1800. I am looking for a William or Thomas Leake who had a son James b: 1782 North Carolina. The men from Pasquotank, North Carolina are the possible links that I have been unable to find information.
    You mentioned that William Edward Spence had a brother David Spence do you know his vitals or what became of him? Do you have information on William Edwards Siblings?

    • The New Jersey reference and Surry County reference gave me a point of reference. There was another Spence family who moved from New Jersey to Surry County, North Carolina and eventually, to Tennessee. When I did the research on my Spence line over 20 years ago, I stumbled upon them first and found a book about their heritage in the Denver Public Library. Have the title of that book somewhere in an old notebook. My ancestry stems from David Spence of Scotland who settled in Northumberland, VA in the 1600s and from there, went to the Eastern Shore of Maryland. And from there, to Pasquotank, North Carolina. From there, they ended up in Davidson County, Tennessee. My specific line settled in Western Tennessee (Perry County) and from there, they went to Jasper County, Missouri. The articles before and after the William Spence article outline the ancestors and descendants. I’ll look for the title of that book about the New Jersey Spences. I don’t know whether there were any intermarriages between that line and mine. I don’t remember finding any.

  24. If you have any information on the Leake family who is documented with the Spence family in “Caswell” 1786 it might help solidify my Leake family of Nashville and Hickman Co., Tennessee. My GGG Grandfather William Lycurgus Spence spoke of A William Spence who lived in the neighborhood (Hickman Tennessee) that was distantly related to his father David Spence of Surry and Robertson Tennessee.
    William Leake and Thomas Leake were documented in Nashville Tennessee through tax records filed in 1783 and 1798 respectively. Any insight would be enlightening.

  25. I’ll have to look into all of that. There was a William Spence in Hickman that connected with my line. I’ll have to see what I have on the Leake family. I’ve been away from genealogy for a while due to health situations in my family, and as I recall–I finished writing the Spence series four or five years ago.

  26. Last night was the first time I saw your blog and I so appreciate all the information. I have been researching the John Dixon Spence family of Cumberland/Harnett Counties in NC. I have hit a brick wall in regard to his wife, Mary Elizabeth Tutor Spence, in particular her parents. There are several names mentioned in the family trees available, but no sources given and lots of information that is contradictory. She was born in 1831 and died in 1906 (headstone). I have many sources from the point she married John Dixon Spence on, but not from before that. I realize she is only one of the hundreds of people you mention in your blog, but I was already surprised to see the name of Malachi Spencer, who was John Dixon Spence’s father. I have found 12 third and fourth cousin living shared DNA matches back to this family in 5 of the 9 children born to John and Mary so far. Thank you so much for your blog. I will keep reading.

  27. Hello, I saw the article on the Camp Family and I really enjoyed it. I am trying to find a list of John Hill’s children. He is buried at Fort Yargo in Winder,GA. Thank-You, Susan Ryan

  28. Would like to acquire a copy of Off to Georgia Annie Naomi Camp 1762-1853. I am a descendent of John Hill and Annie Camp and I am trying to prove that Carter Hill is the son of John and Annie. Also looking for Camp-Kemp Family History Vol I & II Nann, C.C., Cedar Bluff, Alabama.
    P. M. Tucker

  29. Hi! My name is Jessica Weber (Dashiell). I am a direct descendant of James Dashiell, Margaret Inglis, and Marjorie Mitchell. I live about 10 minutes from Long Hill (The Dashiell Plantation you mentioned). It is owned by the Graham family currently (which you made a connection to also). He has preserved it well. I actively work to preserve the history of our area (then Somerset County, now Wicomico County). I am so glad that I stumbled across your blog. It has been most helpful. I’ve been studying our genealogy for about ten years. On January 5th, we will be celebrating Twelfthmas with a donation from a local family to Pemberton Hall (Handy/Dashiell). It is one of the original Dashiell chairs from the 1700s. So our family’s history is still going strong!!! Thanks again for sharing!!!

  30. Hello, and thank you for creating such a wonderful site dedicated to family history! I am a descendant of an Amelia “Millie” Ann Smith. Ancestry’s DNA circles have suggested her to be the child of Ollie Bassett Jones, and that led me to your site. I have never been able to figure out the parents of Amelia “Millie” Ann Smith, nor do I have information on when she died. I am extremely curious as to your sources that link Amelia and Ollie Bassett Jones, and what sources you have on Amelia herself. If you’d like to talk, please feel free to contact me! With much thanks,


  31. Dear Barbara, I came across your blog while trying to pull apart my Magruder line. I’m so confused at this point by this line. This line has to be the worse line to research I have every had. So much research is out there but it keeps taking me in circles. If my research is right I’m Elizabeth Magruder’s 6th great-granddaughter and Ninean Beall’s 8th great-granddaughter. Like I said this is if my research is right which at this point I’m not sure who I am. I would love to talk to you about this line. My email is keenangenealogy@outlook.com.

  32. I’ve taken a leave of absence from it for a while and from genealogy. We’ve had a lot going on in recent years, and I just needed to take a break. Hoping to get back to normal by summer.

  33. Well met, Dr. Beall. Apparently, I too (like several other commenters) share ancestry with your husband. In my neophyte journey to flesh out my family tree, I found myself trying to figure out how my 8th great grandmother Sarah Beall (1659-1734) could be the wife of two of my 8th great grandfathers—you guessed them, James John Offutt (b. 1648) and Col. Sam Magruder, b. 1654. If I followed your wonderful research, Sarah was lightly likely to have wed Sam and very likely to have wed John. Though I’ll have to work out Rachel’s identity in future, I am thrilled to have the conundrum solved. And also like several other commenters, I am a Virginia native currently living in Northern Virginia. How astonishing to discover many of my ancestors have their roots here. Hoping this finds you well and that you can soon return to your work. I truly look forward to reading your books.

  34. I hope all went well with your husband’s surgery. I’m a professional genealogist working on the Graves family. I found your list of the children of John and Susanna (Dicken) Graves yesterday, complete with years of birth. If you have a source for this, I desperately need to know where I can find it. I have a Thomas, with son James, and a Robert Graves who show up in Randolph Co., NC in the late 1750’s (Orange then, of course, then Guilford) and so far no hope of getting back further.
    Your data fits all this perfectly, but your data conflicts with the received wisdom in several ways. I will be very grateful for your help — I have already found that some of the received wisdom is incorrect.

  35. I would like to ask a few questions in regards to the Beall research you have done. Is there a way to contact you?

  36. Hello Dr. Beall. I hope all is well with you and your family. I have read with great interest your research on the Jones Family (Camden Co->Davidson County, TN). I am almost positive that my ancestor, Isaac Jones (1784-1856), came from the Pasquotank, NC area since his wife was Dorcas Tabitha Edney (1788-1868), daughter of Newton Edney (1763-1835). As you probably know, the Edneys came to Davidson Co in about 1799 from Pasquotank. They settled on the Harpeth River in what would become Cheatham County in 1856. I was wondering if you had ever run across Isaac Jones in your research. He is proving to be quite an elusive character after 25 years of searching for his family. Thank you so much for doing this website.
    Sherry Yates Young

  37. I was looking for information on Robert Clark who owned Hitching Post in MD and I came across your site. NOt sure if we are related or if it’s interconnected yet.

    • “Clark” and “Maryland” caught my attention. My mother-in-law’s family came from Sykesville, Maryland, which is about 40 miles out of Baltimore. She passed away in 2007. Her name was Mildred Warfield Beall. Anyway, her best friend in Sykesville was Dorothy Clark Shaeffer. I can’t remember whether the Clark name had an “e” on it. As I recall, Dorothy’s father was a Robert Clark. If she is still alive, she would be late 90s. I’ll check and see what her status is.

  38. Hi, Dr. Beall; my name is Tim Rodden. I am an ancestor of many John Roddens. I am trying to tie my ancestor John Rhodin I m. Elizabeth Winman to William Wroughton and Hannah Meredith. Do you where I can get primary source documentation verifying they were father and son? Thank You, Tim

    • Correction on previous post…….William Wroughton II was married to Hannah Mace/ Massey, not Meredith. This has been confirmed by recent genealogical research done by a professional genealogist.

      • Tim, I believe the William Wroughton II (married to Hannah Mace/Massey) that you are looking for is the brother to the Thomas Wroughton, that I believe is my 9th GGFather. I have their parents as William and Johanna Abbey. Thomas was married to Anna Boardman and their son John was married to Elizabeth Winman. Like you, I am not finding a lot of primary sources, but it seems that many historical researchers have written several theories regarding the family.

        You can reach me at gailared@aol.com if you would like to work together.

  39. Dr Beall, In researching my Rhoden/Wroughton family line, Thomas Winman Roden 1731 – 7 July 1807 is my 6th Great Grandfather, I tripped upon this site and fell into a rabbit hole for the last 5 hours. So we are “cousins” in a very broad sense of the word. I haven’t even finished reading everything you have posted, but I am saving this in my “Favorites” file so I can come back to it. I am so impressed by what you have done with this site and will be getting your book “Chasing the Wild Bunch: One Woman’s Journey” on my next trip to the bookstore.

    I have been actively researching 6 to 12 hours a day since I retired 2 yrs ago. I have two Facebook pages, one for my Dad’s family and one for my Mother’s Family, to keep family members updated on our ancestors. My sister-in-law set up a similar page for her Mother’s family that I also research. I have found several other “Family” sites that I follow and collaborate with. On their birthdates, I write a bio on my Great and Great Great Grandparents and post them on the pages. I have “toyed” with the idea of writing a book. Mine will probably be a historic fiction, because of so many gaps in my research. But I have a very creative imagination, so I can get close to what probably happened. Your information on the Rhoden Wroughton family certainly helped me fill in some of those gaps and answered some of my questions. Thanks for that. My family thinks I spend more time with “dead people” than I do with living ones. Your example of a “dance” made me laugh because, in frustration, I was just thinking the same thing yesterday.

    I certainly understand your need to take a break. I tell myself several times a week that I am going to do that, but the only time that the computer and my projects don’t call me back is when I am traveling 3 or 4 times a year. But I am usually looking for a cemetery wherever I am.

    I hope this finds you and your family well. I do look forward to your next installment.

    Thanks for all you do,


  40. I realize the author is probably still on a much needed respite, but I was wondering if anyone else on here has information on the Inman family from Horry County, SC (Conway, Myrtle Beach, Georgetown) or Brunswick County, Bladen County and Robeson County, NC? I am just beginning research into my father’s side and can only find information back to William Riley Inman, born about 1826, in Brunswick County, NC. I have been unable to locate any information connecting his family to other NC (Burke, Haywood Counties), VA, or northeastern Inman’s to further my search. I have found information online from other researchers stating that it all goes back to a Robert Inman from England that came to Surry County, VA, but I have not seen any proof and I find several sites with conflicting information.

    William Riley Inman’s father is possibly a Henry Inman in Brunswick County, NC census records (1840 listed as Henry Jinman along with a possible brother named Silas). My father is the last of his siblings and I would love to get as much information for him as possible about his family. He was also told that he had Cherokee Indian in his blood line on his father’s side, but that again has not been verified. I am at a roadblock and don’t have enough research knowledge in order to advance. If anyone has any suggestions, I would be sincerely appreciative.

    Tina Inman Flaherty

  41. Dr. Beall, where James Spence is your 6th great grandfather, he is my 7th. Whereas your 5th great grandfather is William Edward, my 6th great grandfather is his twin Isaac Spence. How exciting is this!!! Just wanted you to know what a blessing this website has been and all the information is just overwhelming. Thank you so much!!!! I guess we are cousins. LOL

  42. Samuel Inman is my 5th gg. I was amazed at all the work that you have done and you have sparked more questions for my search. I have so many questions! I work full time and during this time of Covid-19 I have been working from home and researching lines in my free time. I am also in education and earned my doctorate in 2018. Thank you for your sense of curiosity.

  43. Samuel Magruder and Sarah are my 8th Great Grand Parents. Thank you for confusing me even further. I now have a new theory to research. This is so exciting! I appreciate your research very much and can’t wait to dive in. I love your intellectual curiosity. I work in Technology full-time. I don’t have much time to research anymore, but have been researching since the 1980’s. My Magruders were my first branch, I haven’t done much on this line this decade. This is giving me the push I need to fix my errors and dig a little deeper I am thrilled. Thanks again.

  44. I loved reading about your conundrum with Sarah. I am the 9th great grandson of Alexander Beall 1624-1655, likely the brother of Col. Ninian Beall 1625-1717. I wonder what your take is on James Bell (Beall), the supposed father of Col. Ninian Beall. I have been searching for information on this and can make no progress. I find this to be slightly similar to your conundrum, but instead of having conflicting leads, there seem to be none except those that are simply repetitions of what others have posted online. I am a Beall, however my great grandfather, the Rev. Daniel Weisel Beall (1848-1915) of Gustavus Jr., of Gustavus, of Thomas Brooke Beall, disliked the ringing bell moniker that must have still been going around in the post Civil War period. Or just had a thin skin. At any rate he changed his name first to Beal and then to Beale. My father and his uncle changed it back to Beall, but when my dad jointed the Army in 1942, the Army saw an ID that was spelled Beale, and stuck with that, my father’s protestations notwithstanding. So I am a Beale/wannabe Beall.

  45. I imagine that the Author might have retired. I am just wondering if anyone here is connected to James Garrett & Mary Spence , mainly to the Garrett side . I am not certain that John ( twin of James ) did die , maybe he was also given up to another family. Speculation on my part but I believe that it is highly probable. Does anyone have any information on these Garrett’s that might help ? I have DNA tested and I am on several sites , my name is the same as it states here.

  46. I’m looking for the correct connection of William Roden to his children who migrated to Indiana about 1813. This court entry gives the connection:
    27 Nov 1818 (Chester) SC. James RODEN, Jane (x) DAVIS who was Jane RODEN,
    William RODEN, Lavina (x) RODEN, Mary (x) SHEPHERD who was Mary RODEN, Savilla
    (x) HENSON who was Savilla RODEN, heirs and legal representatives of William RODEN, deceased; power of attorney to our friend and brother Allen RODEN to sell a tract of 150 ac. In Fairfield Co., SC which belong to our deceased father. POA signed in Harrison Co., IN . Bk. T, p. 83.
    Mary Roden Shepherd is my 3 x great-grandmother.
    Most online trees have them with William and Mary Potts, but I don’t believe that is correct. According to Mary’s birth date she would have been nearly 60 when these children were born.

    • I have Rodens in my tree back past Colonial Virginia 1620s. With the name change, it is confusing. I’d be glad to work with you.

      You can contact me at gailared@aol.com with Mary Roden’s DOB, DOD and locations and anything you have on her.


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