The Case of the Missing Gloves–A Christmas Blessing

The gloves my husband gave me Christmas 2017

My husband Howard gave me a pair of new gloves for Christmas this year. It bothered him that I was still wearing my mother’s knitted pair of gloves, especially since she passed away in 2003. So while on his shopping spree, he took special notice of available gloves and purchased this pair for me. Naturally, I was pleased! In addition to the warmth of these gloves, the pair matched the heavy coat I wear when the temperature dips below freezing. And since the temperature hovered around zero on Christmas Eve, I elected to wear this pair to the evening service.

“I will save these gloves for dress and special occasions only,” I told him. “My mother’s old gloves will suit me just fine on other occasions.”

We crept out to the car slowly, hoping not to measure our lengths on the ice. The air was really cold and in the darkness, we could barely see where we were going. Once safe inside the car, we drove over to the church and utilized our same creeping method across the parking lot, breathing sighs of relief once we were inside.

The church was especially beautiful that evening!

The tree in the church foyer was decorated in early December

These large snowflakes graced the ceiling of the foyer.

This Nativity Scene hung on the wall of the sanctuary. Our sanctuary is round, so Mary and Joseph have been traveling to Bethlehem since the 1st Sunday in Advent

The shepherds were keeping watch over their flocks by night!


These icicles extend from the beams overhead.

The Wise Men were beginning their journey from the back of the church. They won’t arrive at the Nativity Scene until Wise Men’s Day

The church was packed. Pastor John walked around greeting new arrivals!

Suddenly, I realized something.

“Where are my gloves?” I asked.

“What?” Howard wondered.

“I had them a few moments ago! I can’t find them anywhere!”

“Maybe you left them at home!”

“I didn’t leave them at home! I wore them here!”

We looked around to no avail. People sitting with us also looked around. Nothing!

“You dropped them in the foyer!” Howard suggested.

I climbed over a partial row of people and dashed around to the foyer. The foyer was packed with people, and chairs extended back toward the dessert table. The sanctuary and the foyer were both full of people! My search clueless, I returned to the sanctuary and to my seat. It wasn’t as though these gloves were the only pair left in the universe. Howard gave me these gloves. I had been looking for something like them for a long time. The chance of finding a perfectly matching pair was non-existent. My Joy to the World was slowly becoming Where, Oh Where Did My Little Gloves Go?–hardly a Christmas song!

The church choir sang beautifully

The Gospel Ensemble harmonized well.

And the duet provided icing on the cake, along with Pastor John’s sermon!

And what did I do?

I sat silently, retracing my steps from the moment when I left the car!

Yes, I wore my gloves! I did not leave them at home! I remembered pulling them off my hands when I entered the foyer. I removed them because I was scrounging for my camera inside my purse. Then I pondered my movements from that point on. And suddenly, I remembered–

“–the chair beside the table in the foyer!”

I only sat down briefly on that chair shortly after our arrival. The gloves were too stiff to stuff inside my purse or inside my coat pockets. So perhaps I left them–

“–on that chair?”

Definitely an excellent possibility!

I felt like Scarlett O’Hara plotting her plan of attack during the family devotions!

The service continued.

“Let’s stand and sing O Little Town of Bethlehem!” Pastor John said–

–followed by the Offertory, the Special Music by the Duet, the Lighting of the Christmas Candle and Sharing the Light of Christ. After Silent Night and Pastor John’s Charge and Benediction, we departed.

My speed to the foyer broke all records!  After shaking Pastor John’s hand,  I circled the coat rack just in case someone had placed the gloves on the rack above the coats. Then I headed directly for the chair beside the table at the far end.  I was like a cartoon in slow motion. I can still picture my movement toward the table and to the chair beside it, reliving the rounding that table. And what did I see on that chair?

My lost gloves–unmoved and intact–untouched in a crowded church full of people–exactly where I had left them!

I must keep my guardian angel busy!

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