The Ringing of the Bells–Part Six: Magruder Family Patriarch– Alexander Magruder (1610-1677): His First Marriage

Marker is in Annapolis, Maryland, in Anne Arundel County. Marker can be reached from the intersection of College Avenue (Maryland Route 450) and Prince George Street, on the left when traveling east. Click for map. Marker is a To honor the three hundredth anniversary of the coming to Maryland circa 1652 of Alexander Magruder, founder and progenitor of the Magruder family in America, and to the men of his blood who have been students at St. John's College.

Marker is in Annapolis, Maryland, in Anne Arundel County. Marker is “To honor the three hundredth anniversary of the coming to Maryland circa 1652 of Alexander Magruder, founder and progenitor of the Magruder family in America, and to the men of his blood who have been students at St. John’s College.” Submitted to by LauraCleland 26 Apr 2009


Birth: 1610
Perth and Kinross, Scotland
Death: 1677
Calvert County
Maryland, USA

Birthplace, Belliclone, Madderty, Perth, Scotland. Alexander Magruder “The Immigrant” arrived in what is now Maryland from Scotland as an indentured servant in 1652. He later became a big landowner and tobacco farmer. He died and was buried at his home at “Anchovie Hills”, which was located southeast of what is now Magruder’s Ferry and Croom Rd., Brandywine, MD. At that time, Brandywine was called Baden and was in Calvert county, but is now in Prince George’s county. He was the ancestor of virtually all white Magruders in America (we are still researching African-American descents). For more information about Alexander and Magruders history, go to His headstone has not been found, that I know of, and the site is on a private wildlife refuge now.Family links:
Samuel Magruder (1654 – 1711)**Calculated relationship
Magruder Family Cemetery
Prince George’s County
Maryland, USA
Created by: JillGat
Record added: May 08, 2012
Find A Grave Memorial# 89803827 (1)


About 1712, Howard’s sixth great-grandparents, John Beall (1688-1742) and Verlinda/Verlinder Magruder (1690-1745) married in Prince George’s County, Maryland. Thus began the union of two great families in Howard’s line and a direct connection to another member of the Beall family: Col. Ninian Beall (1625-1725). Verlinda was the daughter of Col. Samuel Magruder (1654-1711) and Sarah Beall (1669-1734), [Howard’s seventh great-grandparents] and the granddaughter of Alexander Magruder (1610-1677) and his second wife Margaret Sarah Braithwaite (1635-1671). Sarah Beall was reportedly the daughter of Col. Ninian Beall (1625-1725) and Ruth Polly Moore (1652-1707). This connection makes Col. Ninian Beall and Ruth Polly Moore Howard’s eighth great-grandparents on this line. He has another connection to Ninian Beall through another daughter. I also have the same connection. But I will discuss that in a later article.

As is noted in the above Find-a-Grave Memorial, Alexander Magruder “was the ancestor of virtually all white Magruders in America.” (2)  Howard and I were in a local Family History Center in the early 1990s when Howard discovered his Magruders. He talked about them with a volunteer who was on duty that day. Wise person that I can sometimes be, I made the following remark: “And they were also involved in Watergate!”  Everyone laughed. Watergate was the only knowledge I had of the Magruder name in the early 1990s. Given the statement in the Alexander Magruder’s Find-a-Grave Memorial above, information obtained from a brief articled titled, Jeb Stuart Magruder (1934-2014) (3) and information I discovered from Ancestry while looking at Jeb Stuart Magruder’s line, Howard and Jeb Stuart Magruder were distant cousins. He descends from Samuel Magruder and Sarah Beall through their son, Samuel. Howard descends from Samuel Magruder and Sarah Beall through their daughter, Verlinda. And my connection is through Col. Ninian’s daughter I will be discussing in a later article. Jeb Stuart Magruder is my 8th cousin once removed.

Alexander Magruder (1610-1677)

The Magruders have a long history.  According to British Roots of Maryland Families, Alexander Magruder was a descendant of Robert II of Scotland and of Charlemagne.(4)  According to a short biographical account submitted to by docinaustintexas:

Alexander Magruder/MacGruether ABT 1610 – 1677 b: ABT 1610 in Perthshire, Scotland d: July 25, 1677 in Calvert County/Prince Georges County, MD

“born in Cargill, Scotland, 1610, captured by Oliver Cromwell at the Battle of Worcester in 1651, sentenced to have his name proscribed from MacGregor to Magruder, and with 150 other prisoners was sent to the Maryland Colony of America. He was bound to some colonist for eight years service. He is thought to have married and started a family in Scotland before his exile, and had had a son Robert MacGregor educated in Edinburgh, who also came to America afterwards.”   ” Alexander MacGreuther, the immigrant, was an Officer in the army of Charles II. He was captured at the Battle of Worcester in 1651 and sent as a prisoner of war to Virginia through Barbados. In 1652 he ransomed himself and received a grant of 500 acres of land at “Turkey Buzzard Island” Calvert County, Md. which was near the Patuxent River. At the time of his death in 1677 he owned about 4000 acres of land known as “Craignaigh, Dumbland, Good Luck and Anchovie Hills.”

“He married three times, but our line descends through his first marriage to Margaret Braithwaite. She was the daughter of William Braithwaite who was a member of the First Assembly of MD in 1637; Commander of the Isle of Kent, in 1633 which was the earliest seat of the Proprietary Government of Maryland. He was acting Governor of the Province in 1644.”(5)

Another Ancestry article titled “Magruder Information” notes:


Of the three brothers Macgregor in the Battle of Worcester, James was killed, and Alexander and John were taken prisoner and sent to Barbados, whence they proceeded to Maryland.  By this time the two survivors had changed their name to MacGroother, which in time became Magruder.  John Magruder died without issue.  Alexander Magruder married as his first wife Margaret Braithwaite, daughter of William Braithwaite, Commander of the Isle of Kent, earliest seat of proprietary government in Maryland, member of the first General Assembly of the province, Acting Governor and cousin-german to Cecelius Calvert, second Lord Baltimore.  He married secondly Sarah Hawkins, and thirdly, Elizabeth Hawkins.  His son, Samuel Magruder I, born 1654 in Prince George County, married Sarah Beall, daughter of Col. Ninian Beall, and they became the ancestors of the numerous and prominent Magruders of Maryland, Virginia, Georgia, Mississippi, and elsewhere. (6)

Various researchers suggest that Alexander Magruder had three marriages. I agree that he did, but I differ with them in two respects. Some suggest that his first marriage took place in Europe.  I agree with that contention. About 1648, Alexander Magruder went to England where he met his first wife, a widow by the name of Elizabeth Swindells Greene (1607-1610-1650).  This article will focus on Elizabeth and her daughter Annapel Magruder (1649-1720).

Elizabeth Swindells was born between 1607-1610 in Bristol, Gloucester, England.(7) Her first husband was Thomas Greene (1606-bef. 1648), whom she married in Gloucester in 1627.(8)  Thomas’s first wife was Charity Pritcherds, whom he married June 16, 1623 in St Phillip & St Jacob’s, Bristol, Gloucester, England.(9) I first met Elizabeth Swindells several years ago when I was working on a book: Chasing the “Wild Bunch”: One Woman’s Journey.  Since then, I discovered that Elizabeth’s records have been jumbled with an Elizabeth Lynde and a few other Elizabeths, including another Elizabeth Swindells. I’m going back to basics here. Elizabeth and Thomas had two marriages each: one in which they were each married to someone else, and one in which they were married to each other. In Elizabeth’s case, her second husband was Alexander Magruder. At this time, I do not know whether Elizabeth and Thomas had children. Some people credit them with one son: Lieutenant Henry Greene (1638-1717)–and one daughter: Hannah Greene (1647-1708). Hannah was reportedly born in Massachusetts. Their Thomas Greene apparently went to Massachusetts in 1648. Some people believe his wife went with him and died in Massachusetts. Others do not know when or where she died. I refer back to the record-jumbling between Elizabeth Swindells, Elizabeth Lynde and the other Elizabeth Swindells. I believe Thomas Greene–my Elizabeth Swindell’s husband–died in England before 1648, the year the widow Elizabeth Swindells Greene met and married Alexander Magruder. The Magruders may have remained in England through the birth of their daughter Annaple Magruder (1649-1720), who was born in Bristol, Gloucester, England in 1649. Her mother (Elizabeth Swindells Greene Magruder) may have died in childbirth.

My first introduction to these people came through Annaple. She would eventually immigrate to America and settle in Maryland, where she married Thomas Hooke (1645-1697) about 1679. My interest in this pair stems from their son, James Hooke (1682-1733). Father of the pioneer Hooke/Hook families of southwestern Pennsylvania and my sixth cousin nine times removed, James Hooke married Margaret Thrasher (1690-1738). Margaret was the daughter of Benjamin Thrasher (1668-1741) and Mary Beall??? (1673-1743). Some people think that Mary was a daughter of John Beall and Verlinda Magruder. Some people think she was the daughter of James Beall and Sarah Pearce. Other people think that she was not a Beall at all and that she may have been a Ridgely. I have her listed on my ancestral tree as Mary Ridgely or Beall. The Hookes/Hooks and Thrashers intermarried with my Inghram and Fee families in Colonial Washington and Greene Counties, Pennsylvania.

Thomas Hooke arrived in Maryland in 1668 (10). He married Annaple Magruder about 1679 in Prince George’s County, Maryland. I do not know when Annaple arrived in Maryland. After her mother’s death, it appears Alexander Magruder returned to Scotland. He no doubt took his daughter with him and placed her with relatives there. Then in 1651 he was involved in the Battle of Worcester, resulting in his capture and transportation over seas. He married Margaret “Sarah” Braithwait (1635-1670/1) in Prince George’s County,  in 1653. It is possible that he brought young Annaple to Maryland at that time.  She is not mentioned in his will, so perhaps he had already provided for her. She did not marry until several years after his death. [Note: Concerning Alexander Magruder’s purported son Robert McGregor who was educated in Scotland–I have not pursued him as yet. He may become a subject of a later article.]

In an article titled “Thomas Hooke: Arrival, Life, Will”, the author notes:

Thomas Hooke was born near London, England, about 1645 to 1650 and died in Prince George County, Maryland, late in 1697 or early in 1698. He came to Maryland on the ship “Goulden Wheat Sheaf” of London in April, 1668. He was bound to Captain James Connaway, merchant of Ratcliffe, County of Middlesex, and the Master of the “Goulden Wheat Sheaf” whom tradition says was his uncle, until he had paid for his passage. As a part of his passage pay he relinquished his right to fifty acres of land that Lord Baltimore was then giving to all settlers who settled within his domains. Fifty others came on the same ship with Thomas and the land to which they were entitled was granted to Captain Connaway in one tract on the northern bank of the Severn River directly north of what is now the city of Annapolis. Here Thomas Hooke lived and labored. How long was required for him to become a freeman is not known, but old records left by Captain Connaway, wherein he stated as early as August of the year 1668 that he had used his rights so far as Thomas Hooke and two others were concerned, leads one to believe that these three had been transported on some special terms not accorded the others. Unfortunately, manyold Maryland records were lost or destroyed during the revolution of 1688 when the Capitol of the colony was removed from St. Marys to what is now Annapolis so that much of the personal history of the early settlers is undoubtedly missing. The Archives of Maryland, however, mentions` Thomas Hooke as a taxable freeman in 1677 when he was assessed thirty pounds of tobacco to help pay the expenses of the colonies’ expedition against the Nanticote Indians. He was the only person in the colony by the name of Hooke who was assessed. In 1681 he was again assessed by the General Assembly of Maryland for thirty pounds of tobacco to help pay expenses incurred for the “Public Good.” At this time there was another Hooke in the colony whose name was on the tax lists. He was Jeremiah Hooke who came to Maryland as an immigrant in June, 1670.

Somewhere about 1680, Thomas Hooke moved to what is now Prince George County and lived on leased land not far from the present site of Laurel. Here he made his will on September 23d, 1697, and left his property to sons James and Thomas with the provision that both sons remain with their mother, “until they be on and twenty years of Eage.” The full text of the will as recorded in Liber I, page 4, Upper Marlboro, Maryland, is as follows

“The last Will and Testament of Thomas Hooke of Prince George County, Province of Maryland.

“In the name of God Amen, first I bequeath my soul to God who gave it and my body to the ground and after my funeral charges is paid all my debts yt can be made hinistly apps I bequeath as followeth-My will is that my sonn James Hook and my sunn Thomas Hook shall remain with their mother until they be on and twenty years of Eage and if please God, my wife should dy the shall booth be at Eage and at their own disposing, Itam I give to my sunn James my cow betey and all her female increase and to my sunn Thomas I give my cow Pritey and all her female increase and the rest of my good and Chattele I leave to my wyfs disposing. This is my will in witness whereof I have unto put my hand and Seall this 23rd day of September 1697.”

Wittnesses- Henry Dryden
Robert Bigg Signed Thomas Hook Joseph Harrison

It is to be said that Thomas signed his will with a mark and that the final “e” was omitted. All the early records used the final letter and his wife Annaple who signed the administration bond on May 26, 1698, in her own hand, wrote the name Hooke. Undoubtedly the person who wrote the will carelessly omitted the final letter. Succeeding generations, however, almost universally used the simpler spelling.

The inventory of the estate, which listed among other things, a crop of tobacco, three cows and calves, one barron cow, three horses and one yearling, one mare, eight head of hogs, one spinning wheel, one pad, saddle and bridle, money and household utensials, was appraised by Joseph Harrison and James Watts on the 8th of June, 1699, and signed by them. The administrators of the estate were John Wright and “his wife Annaple” and they appeared and swore to the inventory, July 24, 1699. It is quite evident, therefore, that Annaple Hooke married John Wright some time between May 26, 1698, and July 24, 1699.

Thomas Hooke, undoubtedly, was an adherent of the English Church from his first appearance in Maryland. While there are no records to prove this, it is known that his son James and his grandchildren James and John were active members in that denomination. The family in England, for the most part, remained loyal to the established church. Some, however, became militant Puritans and after the fall of the Commonwealth were obliged to seek aid and protection from their loyal kin, who always stood well with Parliament, to avoid persecution.

Thomas Hooke, Jr., son of Thomas and Annaple Hooke, seems to have dropped out of sight altogether. The son James Hook first entered the records of Prince George County in 1708. On November 17 of that year, according to the Queen Anne Parish records, Mary Hook, daughter of James and Margaret Hook, was born.(11)


Notes from the Maryland State Archives follow:

Court Case

23 June 1696Prince George’s County, Maryland, USA

Ordered that Edward Williams by consent of this Court be bound out to Thomas Hook and Annabell his wife according to Act of Assembly.

Administration Bond

26 May 1698Prince George’s County, Maryland, USA

Signed Administration Bond for the Estate of Thomas Hooke as Annaple Hooke


1699Prince George’s County, Maryland, USA

John Wright and wife Annaple were administrators of the Estate of Thomas Hooke 14 July 1699 signed for Inventory of estate of Thomas Hooke.


Thomas died an heir to a large fortune in England reportedly in Glouchestershire (12)

Annaple married John Wright shortly after the death of her husband, Thomas Hooke.  Very little is known about him. He was born in 1659 in England, and he died February 11, 1722 in Anne Arundel County, Maryland. John appears to have multiple marriages, and he may have been married to more than one wife at the same time. He arrived in Maryland in 1684, but a note on my ancestral chart reads as follows:

Based on the many “Arrival” dates for John Wright, it appears he did a great deal of traveling to and from Maryland in the early to mid 1600’s, This suggests he was not ever an immigrant but a Capt or Merchant.(13)

Annaple died in 1720, and she is buried in Kent County, Maryland.

This article continues with Part Seven– Alexander Magruder (1610-1677): The Second and Third Marriages




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  1. I am a Beall of both Alexander and Ninian Beall line there is a HUGE mistake on James Beall and Srah Pearceand their son Zephaniah(whom I have loved and thought I had claimed as my 5th or 6th great grandfather,,,,,well, I have discovered this Zepaniah NEVER reached adulthood! he died and this is mentioned in the will of Sarah Pearce Beall…it was often mentioned in my research that this Zephaniah died young ….it turns out Zephaniah who married Keziah Offutt Pritchett Beall ..his parents are Margaret Edmonston Beall her mother is Ninian,s daughter father is Col.Archibald Edmonston and James Beall of Robert of Alexander

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