A Time and a Season



Christmas is two days away. New Year 2016 is on the horizon. I find myself reflecting upon this blog and deciding upon a direction to take.

Most of this year has been devoted to the Spence line. I had been promising it to people, but I needed to update my data first. So the task of updating the information and writing it down has been significant.  Now with Spence completed, I am pondering what to do next.  And several lines are awaiting my attention.

Since completion of the Spence line in September, I have written some articles pertaining to my father’s Inman line (the Paine connection; the Snow vs. White controversy; and the Clines). I had made some discoveries about those lines I couldn’t wait to share. However, I’ve made significant discoveries in other lines as well, which I am anxious to share. Howard’s Beall and related lines also beckon my call. Making a long story short, I have a lot of stories to tell. For that reason, my focus in 2016 will not be one-directional.

The articles on this blog are linked to categories in the menu by family surname or by topic. I devised those categories while working on Spence. And they seem to work well with what I am doing. I prefer the article format over writing a book.  Books have a life spam and are expensive to do. Articles are more flexible and easier to complete. So I do not plan to write any more books. But I will be writing tons of articles.

Wishing you all a blessed Christmas and a great 2016!



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