A Happy Thanksgiving


I will admit that I have been slacking! I haven’t posted a thing since October! Now, it is time for me to crawl out of my hole and “get with the program” again. At least the yard is finally raked ahead of the snow advancing upon us. The solar lights now adorn the blue spruce in our front yard. I braved the icy wind untangling them and draping them over the branches, and then I ended up wishing I had purchased more this year. Will see how well these work on the tree and will think about purchasing more next summer. Our house is decorated for Christmas a week before Thanksgiving. To me, that is an accomplishment.

This has been an eventful year. At the beginning of 2014, I was working on my book–Chasing the “Wild Bunch”–One Woman’s Journey. By that time, I was busy on Section Two while making some wonderful discoveries. Then came some unexpected events. Our grandson Jason graduated from high school in May, and we traveled to Littleton to attend the ceremony. Our son Brian also attended. We didn’t realize how sick he was at the time. Neither did he. In June, he was diagnosed with cancer. The tumor was at the base of his esophagus and at the top of his stomach. One surgeon believed the surgery was impossible and felt his condition was terminal. Another suggested surgery was worth the try. The surgery was scheduled October 22. That put me into forward motion on my book. I realized I needed to finish it. By late August, it was off my plate and on its way to the publisher.

I cannot begin to estimate how many people prayed for Brian and encouraged him. His sister Debbie (who conquered breast cancer a year and a half ago) was one of his big cheerleaders. She and members of her family created Team Brian T-Shirts. They will no doubt be wearing those shirts while running and walking in cancer races next fall. Several churches (ours and Brian and LuAn’s, and all prayer warriors in both churches and in other churches as well) were all praying for him. A host of friends and relatives were praying. Howard even received a telephone call from a lady in Illinois who was a friend of a friend of his from Memphis, Missouri where Howard graduated from high school in 1956! She prayed for Brian over the phone! People who didn’t know him prayed for him. And on October 22, Brian had his six-hour surgery at University Hospital in Denver. The result? Surgeons removed all of the cancer they and their equipment were able to see. He does have to go in for chemotherapy after Thanksgiving. They want to make certain they get rid of all the little microscopic cells that could turn into cancer. I don’t know how long his chemotherapy will last, but it will be stronger than what he received prior to his surgery. When Brian learned that the surgeons successfully removed all the visible cancer, he got down on his knees and thanked God.

Now Howard begins his own cancer treatments–something he has been putting off until after Brian’s surgery. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer two years ago and was scheduled to go in for treatment. That’s when they discovered his irregular heart beat, and he had to go into the hospital for an ablation. The doctors do not think the cancer has advanced since then, and they also believe they can treat it with radiation. All of that fun and excitement begins December 11. After that, he will undergo 40 radiation treatments stretched out over five days per week. That will probably begin the end of December or the first of January.

As for me–well, I finished my book and decorated the house for Christmas. I did have an interesting experience. My Toshiba computer expired last week! Now, had I still been working on my book and had I not backed everything up, I would have lost all of that. My book is saved on disks along with a large part of the research. I may have lost some things when the computer crashed–but nothing really important. At most, I had earlier drafts of the books on my hard drive. I was also so relieved that my 50th Anniversary picture collection had been saved on other devices. Howard and I celebrated our 50th Anniversary last April. I went through all of my old picture albums and disks and gathered all those pictures into one huge picture file. Had I not saved that file, I would have lost all those pictures. Another blessing? I got a new computer–this one a Dell–in one of those pre-Black Friday sales from Amazon. They shipped it immediately. I’m still becoming acquainted with it and all of its bells and whistles. But last night, I had that picture file fully uploaded on my new computer. I also have my family tree in Ancestry’s newer sync version of FTM. Was using the old 2009 on my Toshiba.

Yes, this has been an eventful year. We look forward to this Thanksgiving feeling blessed. May all of you feel blessed as well!

Have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving

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