4 thoughts on “Looking for Elizabeth: Parking in the Southern Inman Families

  1. I enjoyed reading your account of your Inman search. I am engaged in my own Inman search. My 4-Great grandfather John Inman apparently had a brother Meshack (Meshach) —not the one killed by the Indians. At times there is an Abednego near them. This Meshack was born about 1788 in SC. I won’t bore you with the details of my search (I have traced them over a number of years and states and have more to prove or disprove).

    Janelle Magness Barrett

    • Janelle Barrett I would like to know more about your Mechack Inman of 1788 as to who his father was. Have you ever heard of Jesse Inman born in 1810 in SC? I would not be bored. Look forward to hearing from you. Judy Inman

    • I will have to look back through my research to see whether I have anything on these people. Have been away from genealogy for a while due to our son’s passing and am slowly getting back to it again.

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