Dream Talkers


“They are whispering again!”

My eyes stare into the darkness. I am sleepless in Denver! The Ancestors are talking!

“Go away! Leave me alone!”

Rolling over, I peer at the clock! 11:00 P.M.

“Why does the clock always say 11:00 P.M. the first time I look at it on nights like this?”

Tumbling over the edge of the bed, I fumble my way into the living room and stare through the window at the silent street. Solar lights are still glowing in neighboring yards. Everything is quiet. I decide to get a drink of water, go back to bed and finally go to sleep. (I had been trying to do that for at least two hours!) Once back in bed, I settle down and close my eyes–only to have them pop open again.

“Okay–so what did I screw up now?”

It’s not easy to write a book about ancestors, especially when you attempt to get as up close and personal with them as I am currently attempting! The writing of this book has been in process for several years. And just when I think I have a problem resolved, a new one arises. The Ancestors won’t leave me alone until I correct it. And so after a day of heavy duty writing and just when I think I’m pleased with what I’ve accomplished, they start bothering me again. Sometimes it is as though they are saying, “Listen, Dummy!”

“Okay–I’m all ears!”

I relive the day-long drama by walking backward. In the present case, I had been looking for a specific individual and could not find a darned thing about her–just her name, date of birth, names of her parents, and the name of her husband, who happened to be one of my great grand uncles. Also known? The date of the marriage and location. Obviously, they weren’t married very long. So, what happened?

If left unchecked, my imagination can take me down some intriguing pathways. I am soon drawn into the melodrama and by the time the passage is completed, I am exhiliarated! And I go off to bed feeling as though I could sleep soundly all night.

Wrong assumption! Something wraps me on the head! My eyes pop open and I lay there thinking! Sometimes I live and relive these situations all night long. When morning breaks, I struggle off to the living room and log in to my computer. Perhaps the new day will give me a new start and a fresh perspective.

“Gee, I hate deleting all the stuff I wrote yesterday! Interesting how quickly it disappears with a simple select and delete!”

The new perspective works a miracle today! I find the records that eluded me the day before, and the whole thing suddenly reconnects. Bravo! I am pleased!

And I sleep!

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