The Time Juggler


“There are simply not enough hours in a day!”– a lament I have heard over the years and am repeating at the moment. I haven’t been in here in a while simply because of the reason I just stated! There are simply not enough hours in a day to do all the writing I have underway. So I start to make sacrifices here and there. That’s why I have not been in here!

The truth is this–I am writing a book about some of my ancestors and as you can see from the picture here–they have an interesting story to tell. When I’m not actually writing, I am thinking about this exciting cast. It is so easy to get lost in the pages, but writing those pages has not been an easy task. Perhaps I am dragging my feet a little because my DNA sample is currently being tested by Ancestry–another lengthy process. (Was chuckling this week over advertisements for three-day DNA tests! Come on! My results may not be complete for another month or so!)

The first two sections of my book are drafted, and I am currently working on the third. That is the last section. But then I have the epilogue to write, the introduction to rewrite, the footnotes and bibliography to complete, the index and the meticulous editing, rewriting, etc. I once told my students that all writing is rewriting. Yes, it is!

I have been working on this book for two years now–started it just before Howard had his heart procedure. The day he was having his ablation, I was sitting in the waiting room drafting the prologue to this book. After his procedure, frequent doctor visits and other exciting adventures interrupted the writing process. Since that time, I have rewritten the Introduction and opening chapters two or three times before deciding upon my direction. The format did not take shape until early this summer. In addition to fussing with format, I had to update all of my research–a never-ending process.

Now I am finally focusing on the third section. As I embark upon writing it, I am captivated not only by the people, but by new discoveries. When I am not actually writing–I am thinking about the people and their experiences–my excuse for not putting out a blog entry until now. Until the book is finished, I will try to put out a blog entry each week–but probably no more than that.


But I’m beginning to see the end of my book on the horizon! 🙂

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