Curiosity Kills the Cat!


Over the years, I’ve heard a great deal about DNA. It’s been used to solve major crimes; some of them decades old. It has led to the freedom of people wrongfully charged with a crime, and it has also led to guilty people being incarcerated who thought they would go undetected. DNA is definitely a map you cannot deny. Your individuality is defined by your DNA.

Enter the world of genealogy and our ancestral makeup. Over the years, some of my acquaintances have submitted DNA samples for different ancestral lines either to prove or disprove whatever it was they were seeking. I remember about ten years ago when one of my distant cousins discovered that he was indeed a descendant of the man I had identified as our immigrant ancestor. Needless to say, the news made my day. As DNA filtered through more ancestral charts, I began wondering about mine. After all, I have over 18,000 individuals on that tree! Should they all be sitting there?

An active user of, I noticed their frequent offer for an Ancestral DNA kit. When I initially saw it, I thought–oh, maybe later. The kit was a little pricey–my excuse at the time when I first saw it. Then this year, Ancestry ran a special on the kit at a price I could not refuse, and the offer was going to expire the next day– their New Year special! So I ordered a kit and am now waiting for it to arrive. The other day I noticed they created a DNA section on my page–something I will activate when the kit is delivered to my doorstep. So, I am waiting–


–and a little apprehensively, I may add–

–while remembering the old addage–

Curiosity kills the cat!

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