We Need Snow!!!


Well, not this much, perhaps! This photo was taken of the Arminda, John and Mary Lee house in Capron, Oklahoma about the time of the First World War. John and Mary Lee were distant cousins of mine. Their mother, Arminda, was Garrett Fitzgerald Lee, Jr.’s widow, and he was a son of my third great grandfather, Garrett Fitzgerald Lee, who came from Ireland. I don’t know how many feet of snow they received that year, but we could use some of that stuff here–the sooner, the better.

I became so keenly aware of this when I was outside, taking down the Christmas decorations. Everything is so dry. The snow we have received was like powder and melted quickly. I have two freshly planted, bulb-filled flower beds that need moisture, or my flowers will go poof in the spring. They were not as beautiful last year simply because we had little snow in the winter. However, a couple of blasters somewhat rescued us in the spring!

Was just listening to the weather forecast and yes, we are supposed to get snow later today, into tomorrow. I hope so–and I hope it hangs around a few days. However, it won’t stay long with a temperature of 50 in the forecast for New Year’s Eve!

I have always been told that March is our snowiest month. Well, yes–that is often true! Some of our heaviest snowfalls have occurred in March–including the two-week Spring Break we had around 2002! That was nice, but I’m retired now and don’t have to leave the house each day. So we could use a lot of that moisture without waiting for the daffodils to rise! Would hate to drag the garden hose from the garage in winter, but I may have to do that.

Meanwhile, the sky was a pretty pink this morning–certainly the sign of something. It is supposed to start snowing later this afternoon when the temperature takes a nose-dive. And it is supposed to continue through the night. I HOPE SO!

Otherwise–there is always March!

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