Doctor Visit, Daniel Boone, and the Big C


Early yesterday morning, we were on our way to Denver for Howard’s all-morning appointment with the eye people and an opthamologist.

“Be prepared to spend the whole morning,” he was previously told.

I took that instruction to heart. Since I would be sitting in the waiting room most of the morning, I didn’t want to spend it staring at the wall. Waiting room magazines only go so far, especially since I’ve read most of them. The others are of no interest. So I armed myself with two companions that would see me through the morning: Daniel Boone and the Big C. (No, I didn’t take two books. I included the one with Daniel’s picture in my photo here so that he would stand out. The other book and my coffee mug and thermos were my actual companions.)

Fortunately, the drive to Denver was without incident. Denver early-morning rush hour can be a nightmare–something I’m familiar with. For thirty years, I traveled to and from Denver each day on a bus. There was once an area north of town called “the Mousetrap” where traffic would come to a halt and then inch forward. The Mousetrap is no more. But drivers must know where they are going and keep moving. There should be no sudden stops. The most difficult part of our trip was the area around the hospitals where a great deal of construction is underway. We last traveled this route over a year ago when Howard went in for his heart procedure. It was a mess then, and it is a mess now. We finally found the parking ramp and fortunately located a parking space near the elevators. Thank goodness for the wonderful angel lady who said she would show us the way. From that point on, we followed a blue line to the correct building, and we arrived on time in opthamology.

My situation was quite easy. I settled down in a comfortable chair and opened my book, How the West was Lost by Stephen Aron. I also poured coffee from the huge thermos I packed. (Never go on these excusions without coffee! I am a bear without it! Will save that story for another time.) Once settled, I glanced at the back cover of the book, reminding myself that I purchased it several years ago and was just now settling down to read it. Kentucky has become of recent interest to me since I discovered some of my ancestors pioneered the state. Funny thing about it is this: Howard and I lived in Kentucky for 2-1/2 years–first in Louisville and then in Bowling Green. Our son was born in Louisville. I didn’t know about my ancestral connections when we lived there. As the monotony of the waiting room proceeded, I was soon lost in the pages.

“Barbara–would you like to come back for your husband’s exam?”

I had just finished reading about the greediness of the early hunters with the Pennsylvania long rifles. They shot every animal in site and took more meat than they could ever store or use. And I was just embarking on the section dealing with “land speculation”–another aspect of greed–when the nurse summoned me back to reality.

“I’ll take your coffee!”

She grabbed my thermos and coffee container. I grabbed Daniel Boone, etc. and followed her down the hallway to the exam room.

“I have her coffee!” the nurse announced.

“Oh, she won’t go anywhere without that!” Howard stated.

And I have Daniel Boone, I thought.

After the exam and consultation, we were back on the blue line, heading in the direction of the parking garage. Then we were back on the interstate heading north to Wendy’s and then to Christmas shopping. Once home, I settled into my comfortable chair and looked at my book.

Now, about those greedy land speculators!

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